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The idea

Holz Audio power cables are the lifelines of pure sound, crafted not just with precision, but with a passion for audio excellence. Each cable is a work of art, brought to life by the deft hands of our master craftsmen. With the same attention to detail as our speaker cables, from the finely selected conductive cores to the protective wrapping, our power cables are carefully constructed. The meticulous process ensures that each cable not only adheres to the highest of technical standards for superior electrical performance but also embodies a personal artisanal signature, distinguishing every piece as a hallmark of quality and craftsmanship.


No fuss. Just power.

Holz Audio power cables are meticulously designed to ensure that every nuance of electrical current is transferred with precision and balance, powering your audio system to its fullest potential. The steadiness of the current mirrors the depth of bass, while the purity of the connection allows mid-tones to flourish and highs to resonate without distortion. The result is a soundscape that is as expansive as it is immersive, bringing forth a listening experience that is true to life.

Our vision is to elevate your system, revealing the textures of sound, so you engage with the music in its purest form—with Holz, the power is in the detail.


Right when you need it.

Pristine Power Transmission

Crafted to serve as the purest conduit for electricity, these cables are instrumental in delivering a clean power supply, free of noise and distortion, to your audio system.

Consistency in Current

Our cables are engineered for an even and consistent power flow, critical for maintaining the integrity of the sound across all frequencies.

Sophisticated Design

The blend of high-quality materials and sleek design ensures that Holz Audio power cables are not merely functional but also visually striking additions to any high-end audio setup.

Tailored Connectivity

Offering a choice of connectors and lengths, our power cables are customizable to suit the unique configurations and aesthetic desires of audiophiles and their diverse systems.


Precision Engineered Conductivity

Holz Audio power cables utilize ultra-pure copper for their conductors, ensuring superior electrical flow with minimal resistance. This design is pivotal for delivering power that's both clean and robust to your audio components.

Dedicated Damping Design

Our power cables are wrapped in materials chosen for their natural damping properties, mitigating vibrations that can introduce noise and coloration to the power, thereby preserving the integrity of the audio signal.

Superior Insulation Technology

The use of high-grade insulation around the conductors in our power cables minimizes electrical losses, ensuring that the power delivered is stable and pure, for sound reproduction that is consistently true to life.

Calibrated for Clarity

Designed for a low capacitance and inductance, Holz Audio power cables maintain a swift and accurate electrical response. This leads to a dynamic and responsive audio experience, allowing your system to perform at its peak.


At Holz Audio, our power cables are completed with the finest connectors, each selected to enhance your system’s performance: Furutech's FI-11, FI-28, and FI-50.

Furutech FI-11 Connectors:

These connectors are known for their pure transmission abilities, featuring phosphor bronze α (Alpha) conductors, uncolored by any plating, to deliver an honest and straightforward sound signature.

Furutech FI-28 Connectors:

The FI-28 gold-plated connectors are designed to enrich sound with a velvety warmth. The gold plating ensures a richer, more detailed connection, perfect for those who appreciate a fuller and more resonant audio experience.

Furutech FI-50 Connectors:

Offering a luxurious audio connection, the FI-50 connectors utilize a multilayered approach combining nonmagnetic stainless steel and carbon fiber. This design reduces any possible interference, providing a pristine audio clarity with a lively soundstage.

Each connector choice introduces its unique character to the audio path, allowing you to customize your listening experience to match your sonic preference.

Holz Audio Power Cable



1m, 1,5m, 2m, 3m


Furutech FI-11, Furutech FI-28, Furutech FI-50

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