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Symphony for your ears.. and eyes.

Hand crafted audiophile perfection.

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  • Speaker cables

    Holz Speaker Cables blend handcrafted precision with high-grade materials, delivering pure and detailed sound for the discerning audiophile.

    High end speaker cables
  • Power cables

    Discover new realms of audio nuances with our high-end audiophile power cables, designed to deliver clean and stable current for the ultimate listening experience.

    High end power cables
  • Power Blocks

    Holz Power Blocks marry natural material craftsmanship with sophisticated power distribution, offering a pure, nuanced energy foundation for high-fidelity systems.
    High end power blocks

15 Years
of development

Hand crafted perfection.

Holz Audio: The Essence of Sound Redefined

Holz Audio is not just a brand; it's a young company born out of a deep-rooted passion for high-fidelity sound reproduction.

Our journey into the realm of audio excellence began over a decade ago. What started as a quest for understanding has blossomed into a fully-fledged exploration, leading us to the innovations we proudly present to you today.

Our ethos is grounded in the purity of materials—both the essence of the cable's core and the artistry of its exterior, as well as the integrity of our connectors. Sound, for us, is not just an output but an experience that should exhilarate and inspire. Our philosophy is to harmonize every component into a complete and perfect whole.

With Holz Audio products, your system will finally breathe. Clarity and openness become the new standards, with the spectrum and dynamism of sound preserved in its purest form. We have dedicated ourselves to developing materials that impeccably cover the entire frequency range, ensuring that every note is delivered as intended.

Our commitment is to innovation, quality, and unparalleled audio experiences. Holz Audio stands for a sound that's not just heard but felt—a symphony of technology and tradition that resonates with the soul of the listener.


From just an idea.. To the high-end products you know and love.


Every groundbreaking product begins with a spark of creativity. At Holz Audio, our ideas stem from a relentless pursuit of acoustic excellence, merging tradition with innovation to redefine the listening experience.


The quest for unparalleled sound leads us to meticulously choose only the finest materials. This selection process is vital, ensuring that from core to surface, every component contributes to the aural purity our customers expect.


Ideas and materials take physical shape in our prototypes. These are the first breaths of life into our concepts, embodying our vision and setting the stage for the critical phases that follow.


Rigorous testing is the heartbeat of our development process. Here, prototypes are put through extensive trials, scrutinizing their performance across various acoustic and environmental parameters to ensure they meet our exacting standards.


Feedback from testing informs the refinement phase. Adjustments are meticulously made, and the product is honed to perfection. Only once it meets our definitive criteria for sound fidelity and quality does it earn the Holz Audio name.


  • Andrej Holc

    Founder - Product development
  • Matic Golob

    Founder - Brand integration


Our passion is crafting cables and power blocks that unlock the hidden symphonies in your music collection. We stand by the exceptional quality of our work, and it's with pride that we offer you a 60-day money-back guarantee. Thats how much we believe in what we do. This is our personal promise to you: if our cables don't elevate your listening experience to new heights, we'll take them back, no questions asked. It's a testament to our belief in the power of great sound and our commitment to your satisfaction. Join us in the pursuit of audio perfection.

Andrej & Matic